Poster Title


3D fractal dimension in medical imaging: successful experiences and new challenges

Juan Ruiz De Miras, Jesus Jimenez, Juan Navas, Pablo Villoslada, Ángel Luis Garci a Fernandez and Francisco J. Esteban.

Decoration of distorted 3D objects

Maxime Belperin, Sylvain Brandel and Bernard Peroche.

Topological and geometric representation models of building indoors: an overview

Bernardino Dominguez, Angel Luis Garcia and Francisco Feito.

Patched background differentiation algorithm with efficient ghost removal in motion detection

Yuri Boiko and Pierre Payeur.

Cluster Revealing using Spline based Smooth Parallel Coordinates Plot

Xin Zhao and Arie Kaufman.

Client / server level of detail data transmission.

Benoit Lange, William Puech and Nancy Rodriguez.

Modeling and simulating material degradation in bioresorbable wound closure devices

Chee-Kong Chui, Linfei Xiong, Chee-Leong Teo and David Pc Lau.

Topology Reconstruction for Reverse Engineering

Roseline Béniere, Gerard Subsol, Gilles Gesquiere, Francois Le Breton and William Puech.

A real-time virtual stone skipping simulation

Namkyung Lee and Nakhoon Baek.

A Novel Approach to Generic Motion Capture Data Retrieval

Na Lv, Jingliang Peng, Lingqiang Ran, Ping Hu and Xiangxu Meng.

Geometrically Attributed Binary Tree for 3D Shape Matching

Zhenbao Liu, Kun Zhou, Shuhui Bu and Xiaoqian Sun.

CYiB - a novel 3D hepatectomy simulation and evaluation system based on medical images

Yu Cheng, Mengbin Zhu and Tao Zhang.

Entropy filtering of magnetic vision by Eddy current gauge

Yuri Boiko.

Image Processing with jSIMD

Jonathan Parri and Daniel Shapiro.

Artistic Tessellations by Growing Curve from a Particle System Hua Li and David Mould